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  • Chaos Houses

    |_. Wiki Main |_. [[Characters]] |_. [[Journals]] |_. [[Rules]]| House [[Ashgahn]]
    Head of House: Lord Efrin
    Colors: Royal Blue & Gold
    Specialty: …

  • Xanze

    |_. Wiki Main |_. [[Characters]] |_. [[Journals]] |_. [[Rules]]| House Xanze is an older house that has only recently risen to power in the last two hundred years. …

  • Valesia

    Valesia is the head of house Xanze, she inherited after the mysterious death of the former lord and the disappearance of her older brother Birkon. It is not wise to speculate on her ascension in public. She is unfailingly polite and very proud, her …

  • Dio

    Dio is a younger noble of house Xanze. He is the arms master, responsible for the safety of the ways as well as the recruiting and training of Xanze's forces. His actual rank within the house is a Baron of the Crimson Steps, though with his position as …

  • Havler

    Havler is a duke of house Xanze, though he is rarely seen at court. It is a poorly kept secret that he is enamored with the Lady Valesia, though mentioning it around Duke Havler is a mistake.

  • Landen

    Landon is a Duke of The Thousand Spires and a member of House Xanze. He is famous for his love of music and wine and the parties he has been known to throw. An invitation to one of Landon's parties is a great honor.

  • Alton

    Alton is the count of Dark Spires. He is a withdrawn and mysterious man who is not often seen at court. He is the Logrus master of house Xanze.

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