Demon Clans

Clan Aushvek
Specialty: Transformation
Appearance: Varies. Most common form is insubstancial possibly mist-like.

Clan Fragrahp
Specialty: Psychic Manipulation
Appearance: Blue-skinned demons with overly large heads and long fingers.

Clan Kav’rel
Specialty: Brute Force
Appearance: Incredibly muscular with blood red, leathery skin. Eyes are completely black.

Clan Lahavrrek
Specialty: Stealth
Appearance: Very small demon, usually around two feet tall and has wings. Skin is usually varying shades of grey.

Clan N’Graa
Specialty: Warfare
Appearance: Tall, generally around eight feet, with tough armor-like skin. Large wings and cloven hooves.

Clan Raul’Ha
Specialty: Shadows
Appearance: Purple, tenticled demon with six eyes.

Clan Y’Brexal
Specialty: Organic Growth
Appearance: Three legs and seven fingers on each hand. Long hooked noses and earlobes that droop to their shoulders.

Clan Y’Zrikeosh
Specialty: Intrigue
Appearance: Feathered demon with two-sided head with faces on opposite sides. Abnormally large ears.

Clan Zulhfrehn
Specialty: Destruction
Appearance: Scaled black skin, four arms, and completely white eyes.

Demon Clans

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