Psychic Conflict

Psychic conflict can be established in 3 ways, by touch, by sight or through a power. Touch must be bare skin to bare skin. Sight must be direct, eye to eye vision, and through a power generally means through a Trump contact.


When in psychic combat there are three things you can do, Attack, Hold and Pry. Attacking generally favors characters with significant psyche advantages, holding people who are closer and Prying for information is easy even for characters at significant disadvantage.

A psyche assault is a straight on rush into a person’s mind, like a drill boring in. This is resisted by the other character’s psyche. A significant psychic advantage is necessary for this to work. Success allows the character to access recent memories, and place the victim in an unconscious state. Attacking is more draining for the attacker than the defender.

In many cases a significant psychic advantage is not there. This often occurs if the attack is unsuccessful, in this case either side has the option to hold. While a hold action is in place, neither party may act in any fashion, this generally ends up in endurance. Either character does have the option to switch to attack, though this can be dangerous because of the rate that drains you.

Prying is a quick action; posing a simple question to a person you are in contact with. This is generally successful unless the answer to the question is a secret in which case it is somewhat affected by psyche.

Surface Thoughts
The longer a contact goes on the more surface thoughts and emotions cross over, this will often lead to secrets being shared by both parties.


Disengaging from sight is the easiest, simply requiring one to look away. Even if somebody is affected by a hold action they may disengage simply by looking away.

Disengaging from touch requires the skin to skin contact be broken. This is generally determined by strength, though spending the mental energy to do so significantly lowers ones psyche. The disengagement is generally only effective in the very beginning of the fight, or when both sides are beginning to weaken.

Contact via powers is the most dangerous, requiring the link to be severed. This only works if the psyches are close. It is easier to disengage if you initiated the contact. Often disengaging opens you up enough that the attack you were able to resist is able to do significant damage as you close the contact. With the exception of trump most powers require a huge amount of energy and focus greatly limiting the psyche of the character.

Psychic Conflict

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