Demon Powers

Aspect of Might

Weaponry – Varies
Demon weaponry may be bought in a 3 tier system, of 5, 10 and 15 points. Demons natural weapons are generally bladed and clawed but additional abilities cost points. A tier 1 pair of claws will rend metal, and have some effect against magical things. A tier two weapon is similar but has further utility. Tier 3 demon weaponry has some further mystic effects and are VERY uncommon.

Secret Death (30 Points)
The demon gains substantial resistance to conventional weapons etc, but in exchange for this it gains a weakness. The difficulty of the weakness determines the point cost. The Secret Death does not make the Demon immune to punishment, but non magical weapons will have limited effect upon it. Even if the demon is slain it will return. However if it is killed by its weakness it will die. The easier the weakness to have, the less damage it deals. Silver weapons will do terrible damage but not kill it instantly. But if the requirement is a blade whetted with the blood of a virgin the damage will be more substantial.

Mystic Assault (15 Points)
Flames erupt from the demons hands…a bolt of black lightning flies at its opponent. A screeching wail comes from its mouth. Various mystic attacks may be purchased and the price cost is negotiable. They are generally based on the Demon’s psyche for how powerful they are.

Aspect of Sense

Penetrating Vision (5 Points)
The demon can see in the dark easily, its vision can also penetrate various barriers such as light shrubbery, foliage, mist. It may often see heat when appropriate.

Awareness (10 Points)
The demon can sense other power within a short distance based on psyche. They don’t get an accurate description, but directional and types of powers are often easily discernible.

A rift in shadow (30 Points)
When a demon travels through shadow it leaves a very obvious trail. Demon’s don’t travel to people or places, they travel through connections. A demon can travel “towards” home, or places they’ve been. A power they’ve bonded with. The easiest way for a demon to make a place accessible is to mark it, when traveling towards a marked place demons move quiet quickly. Demons who are attempting to explore generally do so along connections. This usually means traveling along ley lines between shadows. They can attempt to walk to shadows connected to that shadow in an exploratory method, but it is tricky. This works best in real shadows, and along natural pathways. It’s easier for a demon to move from shadow to shadow along roads or paths.

Travel The Markings (10 Points)
Requires a rift in shadow, the demon gains the ability to travel through his markings to other places he’s marked before. It also allows them to gain a sense of what’s going on there, and to an extent if the area has been disturbed.

Blood Bond (10 Points)
The demon preforms a ritual, creating a connection between them and a target. Something of that person, or the person them self must be present. This is partially resisted by psyche. The Bond allows the demon to sense the general health of that person, and makes a connection they can follow. Additional things may be added, such as the ability to communicate back and forth etc.

Aspect of Souls

Most demons feed on life to an extent, like humanity, but the way they gather it varies. Most require blood, all of them require previous life. A demon regains energy in this manner, often similar to sleeping.

Devour Life (10 Points)
Some demons gain the ability to devour life force from a living thing. This requires mortal injury, physical contact and often a large psychic superiority. When a demon devours life they are able to use that energy for a time, giving them boosts to stats and health.

Soul Gem (5 Points)
Some demons are able to create containers that allow them to store energy, this may be used at any time for energy or as a substitute for food. Soul gems are required for most demon artifacts.

Demonic Conjuration (20 Points)
The demon may mold shadow to fit his desire. This is not a fast process, though it can be greatly improved with the use of life force. Many demons are able to use this to create items of power.

Demon Powers

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